About US

Welcome to ClickDaly – a cutting-edge advertising network that offers innovative monetization tools and exceptional service to publishers and advertisers alike. Our team of industry experts has over 10 years of experience in affiliate marketing, and we’ve leveraged this expertise to create a platform that meets the needs of even the most discerning users. With offices in several countries, we’re a global network that provides personalized service to every publisher and advertiser who joins us.

For Publishers:
At ClickDaly, we understand that publishers are the backbone of the advertising industry. That’s why we prioritize building strong partnerships with our publishers, offering a dedicated personal service to meet their every need. We offer a wide variety of monetization tools, including push notifications, pop-up/under ads, banners, interstitials, and more. Our in-house algorithm connects you to over 100,000 advertisers – both direct and non-direct – ensuring a 100% GEO fill rate and high CPMs. Our advanced Adblock bypass solution guarantees that 100% of your users will see your ads, increasing your revenue potential by up to 30%. And with a variety of payment methods – including PayPal, BTC, USDT(TRC20) – you can easily receive your earnings in your preferred currency.
For Advertisers:
ClickDaly offers a true global network, with a huge number of impressions available on even the most niche GEOs. Our intelligent features, including traffic estimators and smart bidding models, ensure that you get the best performance possible for your campaigns. We provide a custom creatives library that helps you find the best creatives by niche, country, CR, and other core statistics to optimize your campaigns. With a wide range of targeting options – including connection type, subscription age, day and time, IP range, and more – you can reach your target audience with precision. Our internal antifraud system, developed by affiliates for affiliates, ensures that your campaigns are free from fraudulent activity. With monetization tool, you can even earn passive income while engaging with your target audience through push notifications.