Discover GEOs with Massive Traffic in Seconds with ClickDaly Traffic Chart

ClickDaly Traffic Chart is an essential tool for campaign managers seeking to maximize reach and minimize campaign launch time. With just a few clicks, users can determine the average daily volume of impressions for any GEO and target, making it easier to identify potential leads and avoid missed opportunities.

Before Traffic Chart, campaign managers spent hours researching to create new campaigns, picking GEOs one by one, and gauging the amount of traffic they could expect to gain. With Traffic Chart, there is no guesswork or legwork involved. All the information needed, including impressions, ad units, traffic type, device, OS type, and recommended bid, is available on one platform.
Not only does Traffic Chart save campaign managers time, but it also helps them launch vast-reach campaigns with a clean-cut targeting, enhance their CPM campaigns’ performance, make a speed-of-light decision to run campaigns on specific GEOs, never miss lucrative new GEO sources, and outcompete with the latest updates on CPM bids.

To use Traffic Chart, simply click on the Traffic Chart tab from the vertical menu of your Advertiser’s account, and you will find countries with the most affluent traffic listed in the first rows of the table. You can pick any country to get a forecast of how many impressions you can have with a recommended CPM bid, and add filters by country, device, OS, ad unit, and traffic type if necessary. Once done, create a campaign with the given settings straight from the Traffic Chart page.

Traffic Chart also allows users to diversify budgets to win more impressions, launch vast-reach, low-cost campaigns, get a forecast of traffic volume & CPM for their offer, test traffic when they're first at ClickDaly, and change their bid right in time to win more traffic.

In addition to Traffic Chart, ClickDaly offers Smart Traffic Estimation, which assesses how many impressions an offer will get considering all campaigns with similar settings. This estimation is critical to finding the right competitive activities around bids. Advertisers can make smarter decisions with ClickDaly’s advanced tools to achieve laser-focused targeting and bidding.